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Traveling to Basel

Traveling to Basel
Looking for a place to stay while visiting Basel? Or moving to Basel? We have some places we recommend and some tips how to go about it.

Getting around

Basel has a "easy-to-use" public system, that connects the two train stations: the German Station, called "Deutscher Bahnhof" (or the Bad Banhof... but it's not really bad), short "DB" and the Swiss Main Station, called "SBB".

The public transport works great in and around Basel and the train system throughout Switzerland is very convenient. Most people in and around Basel habe a public transportation monthly ticket, the U-Abo: Basel U-Abo monthly tickets allow you to use the public transportation system in Basel and the greater region of Basel for CHF 80/month/person for Swiss residents and CHF 105/month/person for non-residents. You can download the app for your mobile device (app store: "u-abo").

Link for public transport map

Basel has a small and convenient airport, the "Euro Airport" (a joint venture between Switzerland, Germany and France). Easy Jet has a hub, and Airfrance and British Airways access it.

Link for EuroAirport

And Basel isn't that big so you can see a lot by foot. While walking along the Rhine river you can reach the other shore with one of the four ferry boats:

Link to the Basel Fähren (in German)

Basel Faehre


Lodging in Basel

During fairs and trade shows it can be a real challenge to find a place to stay in Basel, hotels might be fully booked. One way to go is to book an apartment, another tip is to search a hotel just across the boarder in Germany, or to stay in an unconventional place. If you come to Basel for a new work commitment, renting a furnished apartment for 1-2 months makes sense. It allows you to get a feel for the area and prices and your commuting, which is important for choosing you new home. Switzerland is expensive. Switzerland also offers a lot and things tend to work. By renting for 1-2 months an apartment you don't need to get all the logistics done yourself right away. Most apartments have internet and all that a person would want to feel at home and being operational right away. 

Apartments in Basel

Have your own apartment and enjoy the luxury of having your own space to relax, organize, and enjoy your stay worry free. Your own kitchen, your own bed – your own space.

Hot Tip: We can recommend the apartment listed on "". Basel is the home town of the owner of this apartment, and after a long time living abroad, well established in the Basel social structure. She knows all the best places to wine and dine. What guests say: "… great standard, perfect location…" "such a perfect spot, so close to the city and still has the tax advantages of Basel-Land."

And "": the owner of this apartment is a long time resident of Basel and is among the who’s who of Basel Stadt.

Unconventional Lodging

The YMCA in Basel is a hot tip to stay. It is spotless clean, central located, affordable and it has a few private rooms – it is much more than a hostel. It even has 20 sq.m "private premium rooms" with own shower and bathroom and an all in all typical Swiss-high-standard. Clean, modern, light, free and fast WiFi, 5 min walk from main train station.
Look up revues on the "trip advisor" website.

Lodging close to Basel – across the border

The hotel "Schlafstadt" is a very unique small designer-hotel (12 rooms) to stay if you don't mind having to cross the border to Germany.
(Website in German only, to view it in English open the website with "Chrome" browser and use its automated translating tool.)
The place has super friendly and helpful staff and a excellent restaurant, called "Sichtwerk".
Look up revues on the "trip advisor" website.

Hotel Schlafstadt, a uniquely designed hotel close to Basel.

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