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Arctic Ice Melt

The Arctic Ice is melting at an alarming rate, which could leave the North Pole virtually ice free within 10 to 30 years. Paleoclimate analysis indicates that the Arctic has probably not been ice free for about 3 million years.
Arctic Ice Melt

A Climate Minute 'Artic Ice Melt'

We are losing the Arctic Ice

by John P. Reisman, Feb. 21, 2010


3 million years ago

Climate modeling of paleo observations indicate that 3 million years ago mid-pliocene, the average global temperature was 2-3°C higher than today, and global sea level was around 25m higher. Studies show that as the pliocene ended, glaciation in the Northern hemisphere (north pole/Arctic) ice sheet began.

One of the keys to what helped the world cool was the closing of the isthmus in Panama. When the movement of the tectonic plates moved and closed the isthmus, the Atlantic was no longer able to receive warm water from the larger Pacific ocean. This allowed the Atlantic to cool more in the winter and this played a large part in development of the glaciation.

A Climate Minute: 'Arctic Ice Melt'


The formation of an Arctic ice cap was identified by an abrupt shift in oxygen isotope ratios and ice-rafted cobbles in the North Atlantic and North Pacific ocean beds.

The fact that without significant changes from the natural system; combined with the known changes to atmospheric conditions, especially by the release of additional greenhouse gases altering the balance of atmospheric forcing; leads us to the reasonable conclusion that mans interference in the system through industrial output of greenhouse gases has significantly altered the climate and climate potential by introducing human caused global warming.

What can I do?

1. Be conservative (Don't waste resources)

2. We have initiated a petition project to try to inform both policy makers and the UN that Cap & Trade is a more dangerous course of action, and will not help solve the problem in a meaningful manner. A simple Fee & Dividend approach will produce meaningful results: a real reduction in greenhouse gas emission output, and the development of renewable sustainable energy sources.

Learn the issue and Sign the Petition:



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