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Gateau aux noix - French Nut Cake

Gateau aux noix - French Nut Cake
This french nut cake recipe is from my friend Nilima, it is utterly delicious and therefore utterly french.


The ingredients are basic. Make sure to use European stile butter, such as Irish butter or similar.

6 eggs 6 oeufs
200g sugar 200g sucre
200g walnuts, crushed 200g noix broyés
125g butter (European style butter) 125 beurre
90g flour 90g farine


Séparer les blancs de jaunes d'oeufs.

Separate the egg whites from the yolks.

Mélange jaunes et sucre et farine et noix brayés et beurre tiède.

Mix together the egg yolks, the sugar, flour, crushed walnuts and warm butter.

Battre les blans en neige et les incorporer deeleecatement au mélange.

Beat the egg whites and fold into mixture.

Cuire 30min, 180º C.

Bake 30 minutes, 180º C.

Pour la décoration: du chocolat fondu, et les noix de ca 100g.

For decoration: ca 100g walnuts.

Adding Richness:

The original nut cake is without chocolate coating, but if you wish to add the chocolate coating, here you go:
You break 200 g of dark chocolate (dessert chocolate from Biovillage chez Leclerc or Rapunzel) in small pieces, melt it in bain marie, and pour it over the cold cake. But as the cake is very rich in itself, I would prefer to offer it with fresh whipped cream or some fruit salad, which we had at our last dinner together, with a Mousse au chocolat.

Adding Healthiness

I just made it last week and changed the ingredients:
No white sugar, but organic raw sugar, the flour is organic Dinkelmehl (spelt flour), the butter I bought from la Ferme Duerr who comes every Wednesday to the Münstermarket, all is organic. the nuts were from the Kaiserstuhl.
Our friend whose sister gave me recipe is our ultimate critical tester, he found it very good. I must say that the raw sugar lessens the sweetness, it is finer.

Nilima's French Walnut Cake

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