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Tasty Treats – Recipes

Swiss Tart With Berries - Waie
In summertime when the berries are ripe, in Switzerland we have tarts for dinner: first a savory tart followed by a fruit or berry tart.
Rich and chocolaty brownies recipe without flour but with lots of chocolate and nuts. This is a Swiss recipe that is simple and tasty. When bringing something to an invited event, brownies are always a welcome treat. It's like serving smiles :)
Austrian Apple Pie Apfelschlangerl
An authentic Austrian recipe for "Apfelschlangerl" a particular type of apple pie roll with cinnamon and raisins.
Panna Cotta
The pure desert that looks astonishing: the white with a purple dash.
Kashmir Tea
Capturing the fragrance of Kashmir.
From green smoothies to berry smoothies, smoothies are fun and can even be considered a fast food meal.
Coconut Kiss Cocktail
A delicious recipe for a non-alcoholic cocktail that is loved by teens and grown ups.
Yogurt made from scratch
To make your own yogurt is a fairly simple process.
Quark fresh cheese
Quark (or qvark) is a yummy fresh cheese of Central European origin and dearly missed by people living abroad.
Big Bear Barley Mix
In Big Bear Lake we have for most breakfasts barley, prepared in many variations depending on what we have in the house or just what we like.
Power Porridge
Porridge is an inexpensive basic breakfast – that even can be tasty.
Cracked Cereals Delight
Another inexpensive, yummy and healthy breakfast – cinnamon and cacao flavored.
Potato Salad
Potato salad is a common side dish for any BBQ in Germany and Switzerland.
The Ultimate Kale Salad
This is the ultimate Kale Salad, "un je ne sais quoi". This recipe is the creation of a friend in Sedona, using good and fresh ingredients that turn it into a full meal.
Oil and Fats
Cholesterol has long been known to be a risk factor for heart disease. The American Heart Association and other health organizations all over the world tout the importance monitoring LDL also known as bad cholesterol, and maintaining high levels of HDL, which is considered the good cholesterol. Vegetable oils can be the best source of Omega-3 and healthy HDL's.
Cooking is What Makes a House a Home
Cooking for beginners – getting started.
Spargel mit Kratzete – White Asparagus with "scratched crepes" is a typical meal served in south of Germany in spring time.
Sauce Hollandaise - Easy & Fast
Always a spring favorite in Switzerland many countries and cultures share a fondness for this delicate yet strong sauce. Hollandaise is easy to make and both appreciated and loved by those lucky enough to be on the receiving end of the fork. The key is always getting the best ingredients and sharing a meal with friends.
Homemade Classic Hummus
Hummus is the most basic and one of the most healthy of the spreads, and it is one of the most popular Middle Eastern dips. What is interesting is that I've been making hummus most of my life, but it was not until an Israeli friend showed me traditional techniques that the flavor and texture really reached a peak. I think it's better than any store-bought hummus when done this way. I hope you enjoy it too.
Onion Pie Flammenkuchen
Onion pie is a home-style dinner that has a variation in names and ingredients depending on its regional origin: In France, Alsace it is called Flammechueche, in Switzerland Zwiebelwähe has many dialect names (Bölletünne, Böledünne, Zibelewäie).

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